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Articles by Cristy


Putting your own Unique Touch on your New Pavers

If you are planning a future paver project it is important to consider these: Colors, Variety(or types) of Pavers, and Pattern. There are so many options you can play around with, that you can truly create something that is customized just for you. Color Contrasting : Each style of pavers come in an array of different...


Fire Pit Toppings

Decorative Options for my Fire pit If you have a fire pit or are planning on having one installed in the future, then this is something you need to think about. What options are there to put inside your fire pit? What is going to best describe your style, or the look you are going for? Have you even looked into the array of...


Stone Veneer Revolution

Stone Veneer is used to decorate an area or wall, it can help accent a surface and boost overall appearance of the area. In my opinion I prefer Natural Stone Veneer as opposed to Artificial Stone Veneer. I feel it gives a more organic touch to an area and the ripples in the stone look effortlessly natural, as opposed to something...


Do you need to Lighten up?

Whether its your back yard, front yard or place of business. Lights play a major role in completing an overall look for your evening hours. With lights you can make an area of interest stand out, make it easy to see an entry or highlight a pathway, perfect for entertaining purposes, provide an inviting environment, enhance the look...


Belgard's New Mirage Line

Porcelain Pavers Belgard has come out with a new line of pavers, their new Mirage line. These are 3/4"-1 1/4" thick porcelain outdoor pavers that come in several colors and finishes. This Mirage line has came from Italy where they have been operating for over 40 years. The idea itself first started to spark...