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California is a beautifully sunny place, but sometimes the sun can get in the way of us actually going out and enjoying the day. Here are three beautiful trees to consider for your home if you are in need of a little shade.


Royal Empress Tree

The royal empress tree has been in the united stated since the 19th century. They make very attractive shade trees and enhance the look of your home, with their flawless heart shaped leaves, timeless dropping branches, vanilla scented clusters, and lavender flowers. They can grow up to 50 ft, are best grown in warmer areas, and they can be seen anywhere from Canada to Mexico. An interesting fact about this tree is that its known for being able to grow in a disaster. For example, if you cut down the tree, it will regrow. This very resilient tree is difficult to kill- unless you take the whole root out completely. Some people even add the edible flowers of the tree to their salads. These trees have very few insect problems, and are very fast growing trees.


American Sycamore

American Sycamore Tree

The American Sycamore is very popular for homes and parks. They are well know to grow very fast and provide an abundance of shade. They usually grow about 6 ft a year, growing up to 60 to 100 ft tall. They shed their leaves in the cold weather, letting the sunshine seep through the branches and allowing just enough brightness. The fruits of these trees are brown pointy balls, wich most people like to call "Button Balls". They fall throughout the year, and the flowers of this tree are small round shaped clusters.


Wax Myrtle Tree

Wax Myrtle Tree

These trees are wonderful smelling trees, sometimes know by "Southern bayberry" or "candleberry" trees. These trees are heat tolerant and drought tolerant. The tree's fruit, grows in clusters during the colder season, and attracts many beautiful birds. The fruit can be boiled and the wax can be collected to make candles with the most calming aroma.These rapid-growing shrubs can grow up to 5 feet per year, and reach full grown heights upwards of 20 feet with an equivalent spread. So if shade is your objective, this tree certainly fits the title.