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Columns are a unique design element that can transform any patio or entrance to seem more welcoming. Columns are made of the same quality material as the pavers themselves and are the finishing touch to any paver project. 

The picture below is a great example of how the paver columns finish off the entrance to the house. By installing intricate LED Lights on top of the caps, as well as making the columns proportinally larger than the adjacent walls, these columns make the entrance seem more elegant and grandiose.

Stone Veneer Columns with Lights

Columns can be customized and made out of different materials, as well as different widths and heights.  A great example is pictured below. Even though the columns aren’t that much higher than the wall in this case, the columns serve to add an unique finishing touch to the wall, and the walkway. The caps used here are flat on top, allowing the homeowners to add decorative pots or different decorations according to the season.

Remember that adding the columns to any paver project will enhance the feeling of your outdoor space both physically and visually. Columns are the perfect way to create an inviting feeling, and also function to visually guide visitors to the entrance of a space.