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Lose the Lawn & Lower your Water Usage: Drought Tolerant Landscape


With serious water shortages in California and conservation warnings issued by the government, now is an excellent time to rethink your current landscape and how drought tolerant plants can offer a beautiful alternative to your typical grass lawn. Not only do these plants reduce your water usage but they still create an astonishing backdrop to your comfortable outdoor retreat.

Fall is the perfect time for planting new plants, because it allows for less heat stress on the plants and the need for less water to get the landscape established. The root system also becomes more established before the spring growth occurs, giving the plant a jump-start on producing a healthy spurt for the coming summer!

Paver Steps and Drought Tolerant Plants and Landscaping

Native plants are generally considered best for low water landscaping. What are ‘Native Plants’ you ask? Native plants are, in one word, local. They are plants that have been growing in a particular habitat and region typically for thousands of years or longer! They are well adapted to the climate, light, and soil conditions that characterize that ecosystem.

Planting natives is much better for the environment, supporting the local ecosystem and habitat. Drought resistant plants, especially native ones, are not as prone to pests and diseases as other species. This cuts down on the use of pesticides and fungicides, which is very beneficial to the environment as well as your home & family!

Here are just some of our favorite California Natives that are sure to add some color and life to your outdoor spaces, which you should consider for your new landscape!

Drought Tolerant Plants


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