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If you are planning a future paver project it is important to consider these: Colors, Variety(or types) of Pavers, and Pattern. There are so many options you can play around with, that you can truly create something that is customized just for you.

Color Contrasting:
Each style of pavers come in an array of different color of pavers- each supplier offering their own color palettes. The majority of colors come in blends- with two or three different colors blended in to add some dimension and contract. A few also offer solic colors which are great for a more defined border. Using more than one color in your project can add interest to the project and work to embellish certain areas. Having everything in the same color can provide a clean look, but if you are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind masterpiece you can play with different colors. You can do this in a lot of different way: by choosing two colors and blending them together all throughout, by having the border be a different color, by highlighting special areas you want to draw attention to such as pathway, or seating areas, or by adding a pop of color with a circle kit in a different shade. Another option is to make your columns or wall be a different color than the pavers. See below for some inspiration pictures:
Paver Collage- Belgard Catalina Pavers Montecito and Toscana, Circle Kit, Mega Arbel

Paver Style:
There are many choices of pavers- some with beveled edges, multiple sizes, an array of textures, and different shapes. If you want to go for a subtle change you can accent an area by choosing to use a different style of paver in the same color. This would be more of a gradual accent, and it would give any project a unique and detailed look.Take a look at these examples:
Belgard Mega Arbel Victorian with Bel Air Steps, Catalina Toscana and Montecito with Mega Arbel Montecito, mega Arbel Bella

Something we also offer is the ability to install pavers in different patterns. By changing up the pattern, you can enrich the space and add a special touch. You can do this in certain areas such as a walkway or inside a circle kit, but also you can just have one pattern in an overall space. The more shapes and sizes the more options there are for patterns. The possibilities are almost endless. Here are a few examples of simple patterns we offer.
Belgard Urbana Toscana and Montecito Blend, Paver Patterns, Orco Pietra

If all of this leaves you feeling a little overwhelmed, contact us to speak to one our talented designers. They can sit down with you to guide you, and make suggestions when putting together your own personal hardscape masterpiece!