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The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home: Celebrate, Relax, Share & Grill!


The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home. Can’t argue with that! It is the central place in a home where people come together and not just make food that feeds our souls, but creates memories that last with us forever.

A reoccurring dilemma homeowner’s today encounter is the need for more cooking space, and what better way to expand your outdoor living space then to build and incorporate a custom Outdoor Kitchen or BBQ. This addition to your backyard hardscape is sure to draw a crowd, keep them entertained, and look stylish!


By adding an outdoor kitchen you can prepare meals while you mingle with guests and entertain. You no longer need to be away from the festivities, guests can enjoy the added island space and relax while you cook making you feel as though you’re part of the gathering. Just like any other part of your Hardscape and Landscape design, there are many elements you must keep in mind when designing your own custom BBQ or Outdoor Kitchen.

Custom BBQ Apollo Pavers 



One very important aspect to consider is Size. Outline how much space you feel is needed for activities such as counter space, raised bar, ‘L-Shaped’, or single counter. Map out what things you need space for, and what current available space you have and the sky is the limit!


What will ultimately make your Outdoor Kitchen and BBQ unique is the finishes you choose to apply to it. By adding accent tiles for a backsplash, rustic stone veneer, and colored concrete countertops, just to name a few, you can personalize and blend your outdoor feature to you home and backyard space.


Whether or not you are a master griller, appliances are key to make sure you enjoy your outdoor feature to the fullest. A grill is a must, and depending on your grilling experience and need you can select a grill head that best suits your needs. Other common, and very functional appliances incorporated are refrigerators, side burners, and sinks. You can also make sure you have space to keep things handy by adding doors and drawers!


Now that we’ve got your BBQ up and running lets cook! Try out any of the scrumptious recipes in Bull BBQ’s website that is sure to be a hit at your next gathering.



Since we’ve got you thinking, take the first step and give us a call to contact an Apollo Pavers representative to begin creating your dream outdoor kitchen or BBQ!


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