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Fire Pit Toppings

Decorative Options for my Fire pit

If you have a fire pit or are planning on having one installed in the future, then this is something you need to think about. What options are there to put inside your fire pit? What is going to best describe your style, or the look you are going for? Have you even looked into the array of choices? Depending on what style you want to portray on your beautiful outdoor fire pit, the choices you have are Fire Glass/Beads, Lava Rock/stone and River rock. All of these options will help you avoid ever having toxic fumes, ashes, odor, or heavy smoke. If you go for Fire glass or beads you will be able to pick almost any color while adding a modern twist on your fire pit. Then you have Lava rocks and Stones which are more economical plus give out a very natural feel. River Rocks are another options, they will give you that clean look without being too flashy. Let me tell you a little bit more about each of the choices:

Southern California Custom Fire Pits in San Diego Apollo Pavers

Fire Glass and Fire Beads

Fire glass is made using small bits of tempered glass, then tumbled and polished in order to make the edges blunt and safe for to the touch. Fire glass is fairly new, as it was introduced in the 2000s and it will not burn, melt or discolor (if properly taken care of). The maintenance is pretty easy, if there is dust build up you can simply wash it with detergent and let it air dry. There is over 75 different colors to pick from, and there is the option of having reflective or standard fire glass. There are also different sizes small medium and larger pieces. Fire beads use the same concept as fire glass but they come in different shapes such as rounded, diamond, oblong etc. They last a lifetime if they are taken care of well.

San Diego Fire Glass

Lava Rocks and Lava Stones

Lava Rocks are a very natural option, and can bring out the earthy accents of the outdoor of your home. The smoothed Lava rock is called lava stone, they both work the same it’s just one is smooth and the other has ragged edges. If you get lava rocks you will need to replace them about every two years.

San Diego Fire Pit Apollo Pavers

Ceramic Fiber River Rock

This will give you a more organic look with more subdued colors found in nature. They do need to be cleaned, they resist and reflect heat while adding a very polished natural accent to your fire pit.

San Diego Fire Pits Topping And River Rock

It is really important to choose carefully, as each accent has its pros and cons. The main goal is to choose what best will visually project your luxurious, modern, down to earth or effortless style, and what will make your household happy every time they enjoy and utilize that fire pit! Feel Free to ask out staff what they would recommend for your Custom Fire Pit, and they will gladly assist you.

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Misel 02/06/18 10:13:48 AM

Lovely post thank you for sharing this. style you need to depict on your delightful open air fire pit, the decisions you have are Fire Glass/Beads, Lava Rock/stone and River shake. These choices will enable you to stay away from regularly having poisonous vapor, fiery debris, scent, or substantial smoke. I'm working in best essay writing service company On the off chance that you go for Fire glass or dabs you will have the capacity to pick any shading while at the same time including a cutting edge turn your fire pit

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People are always looking for ways to improve their outdoor spaces. A fire pit can easily become the center of our outdoor oasis, the perfect escape location for every family member. Those who want to do more than just a small update, the prefab buildings can help them achieve their goals. A new construction can change the landscape drastically, but with a fire pit, a few trees and perhaps a pergola, the final product can exceed our expectations.

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