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Step it up a Notch

No Running around the pool!!! Is what most of us have heard when near a pool edge or seeing the children running around the pool. With the fear of the kids slipping into the pools when they are running, a solution has been discovered. Why not put pavers around the pool to create a visually stunning look.





Another way of catching the look and feel is by adding veneer around the spa areas. What is Stone Veneer you ask? Stone veneer is a protective and decorative covering for exterior or interior walls and surfaces. Veneers are typically 1 inch in thickness and weigh less than 15lbs per square foot, so that way you don’t need to worry about adding structural support.


Samples of Stone Veneer



Desert Gold Dressed                                         Weathered Fieldstone Webwall                               Brentwood




Stone Veneer is a natural stone that is an ideal way to add elegance to any landscape project in mind. Since the stone is somewhat of a more popular application it is used for an array of projects throughout the yard. Some ways that veneer is used include fireplaces, covering outdoor barbecue islands and on columns.