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Stone Veneer is used to decorate an area or wall, it can help accent a surface and boost overall appearance of the area. In my opinion I prefer Natural Stone Veneer as opposed to Artificial Stone Veneer. I feel it gives a more organic touch to an area and the ripples in the stone look effortlessly natural, as opposed to something they have to replicate. Natural Stone Veneer is made with high quality stone, it is then fed through a diamond blanded saw to cut the outer layer of the stone. The benefits of natural stone veneer is that it will only have natural tones and hues, as opposed to aritficial ones. Also with natural stone venner they can make custom patterns instead of the predictable man made ones with a limited amount of molds. The color will not fade as well, and it if free of chemicals. And lastly, In case of accidental chipping or schatches, the artificial stone veneer will have obious signs of damage (it is created with cement and agregates then coated with a color to resemble natural stone, so when the outside is scratched the cement will show through) and the natural stone will not show as visable damage ( it is purely natural stone). But of course both artificial and natural stone veneer provide the same outcome, which is to enhance the look of surface. There are a lot of colors and blends to pick from, all of them posses natural colors found in natural stone. The past year I have noticed more and more buildings, fountains, restaurants,malls, homes and franchises with stone veneer. An ordinary painted wall can turn into a work of art, a fire pit can go from beautiful to absolutely enchanting. 

Here Are A few Samples of Stone Veneer

Stone Veneer Colors

Top Row (right to left) Honey Gold, Travenrtine ledge, Honey Ledge

Middle Row (right to left) Champagne, Slamon Quartize, Glacier white

Bottom Row (right to left)   Yavapai, Goldstone, Autumn Flame

Stone Veneer san diego Apollo Pavers

These are a few examples of our work using Stone veneer, that we have done in the past.

It's astounding, the way something can change by simply adding a layer of material to accent our walls, fire features, water features, benches,columns, outdoor kitchens, and more. Check out our showroom to see some of the different stone veneer we have in display. Along with our gallery of previous work we have done with stone veneer.