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What is the best Paver Color for my Home?

What is the best Paver Color for my Home?


One of the hardest disiocions for a client is always color…

Color is a powerful decorating tool that can visually expand or contract an area or add the impression of light, depth, warmth or coolness. Light colors reflect the light and open up an area whereas darker tones absorb light and make areas appear smaller. When using large expanses of paler colored pavers or retaining wall blocks; break the eye with large scale plantings. Pale tones will visually lift a shady, darker area.




Here are some questions to ask yourself…

Knowing beforehand what effect you are striving for is also crucial in your selection of colors.

1.  Should the area to be paved blend in calmly to create a subdued appearance or do you want the area to appear more vivid to jazz up subdued surroundings?

2.  Are there existing colors that need to stay?

3.  How do the colors make you feel?


      When choosing paver colors, select shades that harmonize with the area. If they are only a couple of shades lighter than the color of the house or building, they won't compete for attention.

A multicolor is obviously a block with more than one color. It might be a blend of two, three or more colors. There may be varying amounts of each color within a single block or there may be roughly constant

ratios of colors. A multicolored paver blends better with its surroundings. Most minor stains would be completely lost in the multitude of hues and tones.


      Color mixes can consist of blends of up to four colors that harmonize well together and give a surface an interesting and lively appearance. Seeing a color on a larger scale, in natural sunlight and shadows,  

surrounded by landscaping and in combination with colors on adjoining buildings, will give you the best impressions and serve as a good test to challenge or reinforce your instincts.

Try to choose pavers with similar tones for a coordinated effect.

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