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Whether its your back yard, front yard or place of business. Lights play a major role in completing an overall look for your evening hours. With lights you can make an area of interest stand out, make it easy to see an entry or highlight a pathway, perfect for entertaining purposes, provide an inviting environment, enhance the look of your home, and more. Here the Apollo Pavers Team makes sure we provide the best quality lights that will last you the longest, and will be money saving in the long run. It is important when it comes to most things to make sure you are getting the most quality out of your product. For example if you install a lower quality light it might look good for a little bit, but after just a few months the battery will need to be replaced or if anything happens to it warranty will most likely not cover it. These cheaper lights are made with the lowest quality materials that you will most likely be buying replacements every 4-6 months. We currently recommend installing Kichler LED Landscape lights, these fixtures procreate the most lumens using less conductivity in order to give you the best outdoor lighting effects, and best performance. Outdoor lighting is one of the most popular features in landscaping. It is important to always choose a professional for proper installation and to get the proper size of transformer for your home. Here are a few examples of lights that we like to install:

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Uplights Uplights come in many different sizes, heights and shapes. These lights are designed to illuminate a large area , this can be the landscape itself or a flat area. These come in Warm White and Pure White.

uplights san diego installer apollo

Step Lights/Tape Lights Also used for Hardscape, Deck, and Benches. This lights can make your walls, steps, deck stand out, they are flat lights that are installed in between the blocks of walls or steps. They also come in different lengths and colors. Warm White, Pure White, or Cool White.

step lights

Paver Lights These resemble pavers or block style lights, that are made to match floor level. These are most likely used for pathways or around the pool, or to accent the overall paved area.

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If you haven't already taken care of your outdoor lighting , it is something to definitely look into, why not enjoy your home both in the day and night time. Don't let it go to waste, our team can provide you with the best recommendations for today's outdoor lighting. Feel free to call our office for any additional information.