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Think Green with Turf Block

Not sure what to do with an outdoor surface like a driveway or patio? Turf Block is an innovative alternative to standard interlocking pavers or concrete, while still giving your outdoor space a beautiful hardscape. This permeable paver is a “Green” option to landscaping, uniquely transforming the design of your space while allowing rainwater to be gradually filtered back into the soil naturally. Resulting in the control and stabilization of soil erosion.

Its eco-friendly crisscross grid pattern reduces run-off and allows greenery to grow right through it, creating a highly unique hardscape design that works in harmony with nature. It gives the perfect balance of hard and soft while still providing stability and re-enforcement. Turf Block is well suited for areas that receive pedestrian and light vehicular traffic, such as roads, walkways, bike paths, lawns and lots that are subject to low vehicular traffic, such as car/parking lots, service or emergency access lanes, road and airport shoulders, and residential sidewalks and driveways. The crisscross grid provides extra support to prevent vegetated areas from being destroyed by tires.

While some of its benefits include reduction of storm water runoff, filtration of pollutants, natural control of erosion and structural strength, Turf Block can also save you money! Turf Block may reduce or eliminate the need for an underground storm drain system or a curb and gutter system. Maintenance is similar to a regular lawn requiring mowing, irrigation, raking, and occasional reseeding. Most importantly Turf Block is environmentally friendly and the perfect solution to updating any outdoor space.

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Ember 02/16/18 09:43:14 AM

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