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5 Colorful Ways to Soften Your Hardscape

Whether you are thinking of replacing a concrete patio with colorful pavers or just browsing ideas for a future projects in your yard, adding the right combination of plants will highlight your hardscape by creating a colorful contrast of textures.

The defined lines and bold look of pavers create a sense of organization and order which is often a welcome addition to any garden; however, this type of outdoor space also needs to express a sense of balance between all the elements within it. Using different species to line walkways and create focal points will draw the eye and encourage visitors to further appreciate the hard elements which the plants are complimenting. It is this complimenting that helps elevate the appeal of your space to the next level.


Erigeron glaucus

Seaside Daisy

Seaside Daisy


 Eschscholzia californica

California Poppy

 California Poppy


Muhlenbergia capillaris

Pink Muhly

Pink Muhly 


Rosa ‘Pink Drift’

Rose ‘Pink Drift’

Rose Pink Drift 


Bulbine frutescens ‘Orange’

Orange Bulbine

Orange Bulbine 

Just a few of many, these 5 options are a good start towards ‘painting’ your landscape with soft, natural colors. By accenting walls, pathways and pool decks, your landscape will come to life with a complete, balanced and colorful look.

Looking for more ideas? Contact us today at 619-312-1180 to speak to our Landscape Designer. We will be more than happy to help you come up with a landscaping plan that will complement your lifestyle and aesthetic!

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