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Driveways are the single largest piece of hardware in modern day homes. Why settle for dull flat concrete? Make your driveway a statement centerpiece of your home’s exterior, with a custom paver design today!

Traditional surfacing materials limit the curb appeal of your home. Concrete pavers are more affordable than stone, more colorful than brick, and most importantly more durable than asphalt. Installing pavers in your driveway is a practical yet attractive option to update your space and bring it back to life. Not only do pavers look great, and provide a stable foundation; but since they are modular they’re easy fix too!

In this particular case, our client wanted to remove the existing mismatched materials that were clashing in her front yard and create a harmonious consistent design that would not be as harsh to the eye and her visitors.

This new element blended a feeling of sophistication and pop of color to the home making it more inviting and unique to the block! The Orco ‘Villa’ Pavers with its smooth lines and edges complement the surrounding landscape and fuse understated simplicity with dramatic contrast. By combining up to 5 different sized pieces randomly, it reinvents a traditional pattern and the space!

To tie in the whole look ‘Country Manor’ Steps replaced the old worn out tiled steps. Providing a random and rugged texture, blended with color and character, with the appearance of natural stone. Don’t let your home wash away in the background; make it stand out with beautiful pavers!